Hurricane Season: How to Prepare Your Family for Evacuation

Every year, as the days get longer and the temperatures climb, families across the southern United States start getting a little anxious. The reason? Two words: Hurricane Season. The Atlantic sees dozens of hurricanes each year from June to November – and when they make landfall, the results can be devastating.

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Fire Season Disaster Plan

The end of summer means different things for different Americans. For little ones, it’s time to soak up those last long afternoons of freedom before school starts. For homeowners, it’s time to get ready for all those leaves they’re about to rake from the yard. But for folks who live in areas affected by wildfires, the end of summer can be scary – and possibly deadly.

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Don’t Be a Reality TV Show Victim – Document Your Valuables Online

It’s a scene we know all too well: a person walks into their local pawn shop with an item they picked up at an estate sale for just a few bucks. It doesn’t look like much – a glass perfume bottle, an old boy scout patch, a small stack of vinyl records. However, after getting the item appraised by a professional, they are shocked to discover…

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